Beginner’s Mind KENNETH COHEN · JULY - AUGUST 2004 How might life be different if we approached it without assumptions and preconceptions, without knowing anything at all. As our society has become more complex and fast-paced, we’ve become more dependent on routine. We live by the clock: 7 a.m. at the gym; kids to school at 8 a.m.; work from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Meal times and bedtimes are determined by our schedule rather than physical needs and desires. We know the shortest, fastest way to...

Think Like a Child Learn to think like a kid again and unlock your hidden potential. Chelsea Greenwood November 3, 2009 You’ve heard about those amazingly fun offices where play is encouraged? They’re not just cubicle legend. Companies like Google and 3M have crafted colorful, dynamic workspaces where employees play with toys and video games, take nap breaks and go outside for recess. If it sounds a little childish, that’s exactly the point. Over the past couple of decades, industry...

You can change your outer world by changing your inner world.

We see an image of our thoughts.

Your health depends on how you feel.

You can not feel alive if you are caught in the past or future.

The only thing that can hurt you is your own judgement.

Emotions are like waves - we can not fight them, but we can learn how to surf on them.