Online Councelling

with Master of Science Degree -  psychologist Pia Klaus

The way you think, is the way you feel. Nobody knows better what’s best for you other than yourself. Everything you see is an image of your thoughts. Change your thoughts and you will change your life.


 We are all unique, therefore we all have to find our own personal way to happiness.

Nobody can safe you, except yourself.  Be yourself, sing your own song, go your own way, live your truth.


Everything depends on your perspective. I want to show you how to change your self-perception positively. That way you can help yourself easily.



Main target group

Adolescents & young adults


Mental problems come mainly from our thoughts. Through changing our thoughts, we can remove almost any mental and even physical problem. The kind of problem you are dealing with, or your age doesn't matter.


Treatment area

  • Addictions
  • All about emotions
  • Depressions
  • Difficult times
  • Eating disorders
  • Fears
  • Physical diseases and problems
  • Relationship problems in- and outside the family
  • Self-confidence/ self-acceptance
  • Sexuality
  • For any other mental problem we can find a therapy method together

The way I work

Mindfulness & Subconscious


Through working with the subconscious and mindfulness, the person is seen from a holistic perspective. That way, not only the symptoms, but also the root-cause of the given problem can be solved.


Councelling opportunities

Orientation talk

  • Tell me about your situation and I will inform you how we can go on
  • Anonymous, if you wish 
  • for free / 0 $


  •  Write me a detailed e-mail about your situation.
  • I will write back to you as detailed as possible.
  • Per session / 60$




  • Via call, Skype, WhatsApp-call or Facetime
  • Anonymous, if you wish
  • 60 minutes / 120 $



  • Via Skype, Video WhatsApp-call or Facetime
  • Anonymous, if you wish
  • 60 minutes / 120 $